You Already Know (Mostly) How To Secure AI: Conversation with AI Safety Alliance Chair Caleb Sima

How to balance the jackrabbit pace of AI innovation with IT's directive to keep data secure? Get better at basic security hygiene, according to a new AI thinktank.

How Will AI Impact Technical Jobs? Our Experts Offer Their Opinions

Somewhat surprisingly -- to the experts -- they agreed that seven of the eight job categories could likely be impacted sooner rather than later.

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Should AI Research Be Paused? Our Experts Weigh In on Current News

Three AI scientist engineers at big tech companies agree with Bill Gates that the age of AI is upon us, with one arguing an AI pause wouldn't slow down Russia or China.

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Researchers Successfully Predict NFL Professional Football Scores

Three machine language researchers from different companies team up for system to beat Las Vegas oddsmakers, but only for research, not actual betting.

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AI Coding Assistants Shake Up Software Development, But May Have Unintended Consequences

Experts caution there will likely be unintended consequences -- both positive and negative.

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Researchers Make Computer Chess Programs More Human

For humans, playing against a strong chess program is no fun at all because there is virtually no chance of winning.

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Researchers Identify Chess Players from Their Game Moves

The technique used in the research has potential broad application for identifying persons based on a wide range of behaviors.

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2021 PyTorch Developer Day Conference Recap

The goal of the event was to bring together leading researchers and engineers who use the PyTorch deep neural network code library.

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The Effects of COVID-19 on Business Collaboration

An analysis suggests the shift to remote work at Microsoft resulted in fewer formal connections between groups, which resulted in groups becoming more isolated.

Conversation with Thomas LeBlanc: Power BI, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

A Microsoft data platform expert aims to lift some of the fog that surrounds Power BI's more advanced capabilities.