AI Castaway

The AI Agents Are Coming (For Better or Worse)

Micro-implementations of generative AI bots are hitting retailers, restaurants and healthcare. So far, the results have been mixed. Here's a snapshot.

A colored sketch of the Microsoft logo in a notebook full of scribbles

A Guide to Picking the Right Microsoft Copilot for Your Task

Which Copilot does what? And for how much? Which ones are generally available and which are still in preview? Keeping track of Microsoft's various AI assistants is no easy read this instead.

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Finding Answers with AI Not Working? 6 Tips for Getting Better Results

A huge part of making AI work for you is knowing how to engineer a good prompt. Here's a primer.

Overhead view of a writer at his desk surrounded by papers and a typewriter.

AI Detection: Yes, a Computer Can Tell if AI Wrote This

There's an entire cottage industry built around AI tools that claim to be able to detect AI-generated text -- but some AI detectors are easier to fool than others.

Inside Microsoft's Fabric Event, Where Copilot Was the Star

The first-ever Fabric Community Conference was a showcase of emerging AI capabilities in Copilot and Azure. Here's how it looked from the event floor.

Overhead view of a researcher surrounded by books and journals.

Citation Needed: Putting 7 AI Research Tools to the Test

AI gets a bad rap for being a fount of misinformation (and for good reason). But what about all the ways it can be used to find the truth?

Battle of the AI Image Generators

A surreal, surprising and occasionally disturbing tour of the top AI-powered image generators in the market today, from Stable Diffusion to DALL-E to Gemini and beyond.

Line drawing of eyeball

OpenAI's Sora: Did That Really Happen?

Seeing is no longer believing, thanks to OpenAI's latest generative AI model.