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Tracking the AI Gold Rush: How Much Does All This Innovation Cost?

What big-ticket deals and strategic moves are driving the booming generative AI economy? From massive datacenter buildouts to blockbuster acquisitions, keep track of the most notable investments here.

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Understanding Text Summarization with AI

Here's an example of text summarization with an explanation intended for people who are not computer programmers -- and with an emphasis on the implications for a business that wants to implement a text summarization model.

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Few-Shot, One-Shot, Zero-Shot and Fine-Tuning for Not-Quite Dummies

We asked a data scientist to explain the terms in enough detail to provide useful information, but not so much detail to make your head explode.

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5 Questions with Author, Educator, and Influencer Ahmed Banafa

In the second installment of our new series we asked Prof. Ahmed Banafa, a lecturer of interdisciplinary engineering at San José State University five questions about the current state and future impact of AI.

Foundational Models Might Revolutionize Time Series Regression Problems

Researchers are looking at adapting LLM techniques that have revolutionized natural language to see if they can be applied to time series regression problems and provide a gigantic leap in capability.

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Anthropic's Vision for a Third-Party AI Testing 'Regime': Top 6 Takeaways

AI safety testing is a team sport, says the maker of the Claude AI models and chatbot, and "the best way to avoid societal harm" caused by AI.

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Researchers Take AI Agents to the Next Level with the AutoGen Framework

Addressing the most likely next significant step in the evolution of AI agents are systems where multiple agents can interact with each other, and with humans.

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5 Questions with Ethical AI Expert Noelle Russell

In the first installment of our new series we asked Noelle Russell, founder and Chief AI Officer at the AI Leadership Institute, five questions about ethical AI.

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AI's 'Year of Practicality': Conversation with Data Scientist Cameron Turner

Is this the year AI grows up? How are enterprises today actually using generative AI? And what do tech vendors really mean when they call an LLM "private"?

5 Key Takeaways from Microsoft's 'Trustworthy AI' Manifesto

An inside look at how Microsoft's AI sausage is made, responsibly.