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    AWS Tries To Demystify Deep Learning with AutoGluon

    AutoGluon is the latest solution to join the growing roster of AWS products aimed at making machine learning -- specifically deep learning -- more accessible to developers with little experience in that area. Read Now

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    Lyft Open Sources Cloud-Native Machine Learning Tool

    Lift has open-sourced its Flyte cloud-native machine learning and data processing platform designed to reduce the overhead associated with large-scale compute jobs. Read Now

  • Samsung Unveils Humanoid AI Chatbots at CES

    Samsung unveiled its much anticipated Neon project at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas yesterday. Read Now

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    Understanding Neural Word Embeddings

    The data scientists at Microsoft Research explain how word embeddings are used in natural language processing -- an area of artificial intelligence/machine learning that has seen many significant advances recently -- at a medium level of abstraction, with code snippets and examples. Read Now

  • Neurosymbolic AI Advances State of the Art on Math Word Problems

    Researchers at Microsoft have demonstrated a new technique called Neurosymbolic AI which has shown promising results when applied to difficult scenarios such as algebra problems stated in words. The PureAI editors were given a sneak peek at the draft of a research paper that describes the work. Read Now

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    New AWS SageMaker Autopilot Automates Machine Learning Modeling

    On Tuesday Amazon announced SageMaker Autopilot, a new tool for its SageMaker machine learning platform that automates machine learning tasks like data preprocessing, training parameters and classification. Read Now

  • PyTorch 1.3 Experiments with Named Tensors, Quantization, Mobile

    With the latest release of its open source PyTorch machine learning library, the Facebook AI research group is ranging into new territory. Read Now

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    Intel Announces New Edge AI Products

    Intel's new edge chips will be designed to be used with a brand-new developer service, Intel DevCloud on the Edge. Read Now

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    Understanding LSTM Neural Networks – for Mere Mortals

    Learn about LSTM (long, short-term memory) neural networks, which have become a standard tool for creating practical prediction systems. Specifically, this article explains what type of problems LSTMs can and cannot solve, describes how LSTMs work, and discusses issues related to implementing an LSTM prediction system in practice. Read Now

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