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OpenAI Cautiously Opens Pandora's Box of AI-Generated Voice Mimicry

OpenAI is putting a new AI-based voice technology through its paces in a very limited private preview in an effort to explore its capabilities while keeping it out of the hands of potential bad actors.

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Startups Can Now Use AWS Credits To Access Bedrock AI Models

Companies that receive AWS credits via the cloud giant's AWS Activate program can now use them to access the full roster of foundation models in the Amazon Bedrock platform.

U.S. and U.K. To Jointly Develop AI Testing Frameworks

The U.S. and U.K. governments are working together to establish AI safety testing standards and protocols.

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Nearly 600 Percent Increase in AI/ML Use Since Q2 2023: Report

It's no surprise that use of AI and machine learning tools is more widespread than ever. What might be a surprise is by how much.

The Week in AI: Claude 3 vs. GPT-4, Google AutoBNN, OpenAI-Microsoft Supercomputer, More

This edition of our weekly roundup of AI product and services news includes the Claude 3 Opus defeat of GPT-4 in the Chatbot Arena, Google AI's release of AutoBNN, OpenAI and Microsoft's supercomputer project, KnowBe4's AIDA release, Nametag's ID verification platform, Accenture and Adobe's latest collaboration, and more.

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Microsoft Tackles AI Prompt Injections, Hallucinations in Azure Feature Update

Microsoft this week announced five new capabilities in Azure AI Studio to help developers build security and anti-abuse protections into their generative AI apps.

AWS Ponies Up Rest of Its $4B Commitment to Anthropic

Cloud giant Amazon Web Services on Wednesday announced it has made good on its promise to invest $4 billion into Anthropic, maker of the Claude chatbot and family of foundational AI models.

The Week in AI: Microsoft, Anthropic, Google Deep Mind, Cognition and More

This edition of our weekly roundup of AI product and services news includes an autonomous AI software engineer, an open-source Python library for intervention-based research on ML models, an automated, AI-driven software development framework, a football (soccer) tactics assistant, and more.

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AWS Primes Its Cloud for Nvidia's Blackwell GPUs

With the launch of Nvidia's new Blackwell GPU platform at GTC this week, Amazon Web Services is set to be the beneficiary of significantly more compute power to drive its AI efforts.

Nvidia's Project GR00T Promises to Transform Humanoid Robot Learning

NVIDIA announces Project GR00T, a new foundational model aimed at advancing the development of humanoid robotics and "embodied AI.

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Microsoft Upgrades Azure's AI Chops with Nvidia Silicon

Microsoft is leaning heavily on chip giant Nvidia's hardware to advance its AI efforts, as evidenced by the string of announcements made at Nvidia's GTC conference this week.

Even in the Cloud, It's All About AI: Report

IT management firm Flexera recently released the 13th edition of its annual "State of the Cloud" report. Where previous versions detailed cloud usage statistics, this year's edition turns the spotlight on AI.

DeepMind Founder To Lead Microsoft's New AI Unit

Microsoft has carved out a new AI-focused product group within its walls to be spearheaded by Mustafa Suleyman, co-founder of Google-owned DeepMind.