Oracle's Ellison Touts Autonomous Cloud Database, Adds New Transaction Module

Oracle's Autonomous Database Cloud PaaS got a new module this week: Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing.

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison announced the release of the module on Tuesday during his promotion of the company's overall autonomous cloud offering: "We are now the easiest database in the world to use...There's nothing to learn, nothing to do."

"When there's nothing to learn, nothing to do, there's much less labor associated with running this database, making it much, much lower in cost," he continued. "It's the lowest-cost database to operate"

Ellison also touted the "full lifecycle animation of the database," as well as "autonomous regression testing, if you will," as Ellison put it: "It automatically tests itself to make sure that nothing can ever go slower."

Ellison also said that because of Oracle's Autonomous Database Cloud Service architecture and backup/recovery scheme, the database offers 99.995 percent uptime (down to 2.5 minutes per month), and is "100 times more reliable than Amazon." He noted that Oracle's system tolerates hardware, software and database server failure ("Amazon can't do that," he commented multiple times), and eliminates all human failure. Amazon hadn't publicly responded to any of the comments Ellison made about its products during the presentation by press time.

According to the Web site for the new module, the Autonomous Transaction Processing module offers a "self-driving, self-securing, self-repairing database service that can instantly scale to meet demands of mission critical applications." It offers features like instant provisioning, self-securing features and soon-to-be implemented automated workload automization

Previously, in May, Oracle added mobile development capabilities to this PaaS.

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