Mistral Releases Latest Open Source Model, Mixtral 8x22B

Generative AI upstart Mistral released its newest model this week, the open source Mixtral 8x22B, under the Apache 2.0 license.

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AWS Positions Nitro Tech at Center of Its AI Security Strategy

The hypervisor that forms the foundation of Amazon Web Services' compute platform is also the backbone of its generative AI security framework.


Cybersecurity Pros (Mostly) Welcome Using AI Tools for Threat Detection

AI isn't the end of cybersecurity, nor of cybersecurity jobs. That's according to the majority of respondents in recent survey of IT and security professionals.

The Week in AI: OpenAI's GPT-4 Turbo with Vision, Meta's Next MTIA, Azip's AI-Design Pipeline, More

This edition of our weekly roundup of AI product and services news includes OpenAI's GPT-4 Turbo with Vision GA, UserTesting's new AI-powered survey solution, Sama's new Red Team Service, a new tool from Azip that creates AI models using AI models, and more.

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Google Cloud Next 2024 Roundup: Vertex AI Agent Builder, Google Vids, New Silicon, and More

Google's annual Cloud Next conference drew thousands of partners, developers, and customers to Las Vegas this week for three days of sessions, product announcements, and a look at the company's ambitious generative AI roadmap.

Data Quality Remains a Top Challenge to More Widespread AI Use

Most organizations that are dragging their feet on AI might be doing so because their data estates just aren't up to snuff.

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AI Might Be Source of PowerShell Script Used in Phishing Attack: Researchers

Security researchers have identified a phishing campaign that deploys malware using a PowerShell script bearing some hallmarks of being AI-generated.

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Notable AI Scientist Andrew Ng Joins Amazon's Board of Directors

Amazon has significantly raised the level of its AI bona fides, recruiting renowned AI researcher Andrew Ng to its executive board.

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Google Turns Gemini Into a Team of AI Cloud Assistants

Google burnished its Gemini AI platform this week, announcing a new version milestone and its expansion into the entirety of Google's cloud stack.

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Microsoft, Nvidia Accelerate AI Land Grab

Two of the biggest players in today's AI space are expanding their presence in a widening swath of the globe, with the goal of increasing datacenter power, as well as courting local talent and mindshare.

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Cohere Releases Its Latest Enterprise-Grade LLM, Command R+

There's a new model in Cohere's family of enterprise-grade Command R large language models: Command R+, described by the company as its "most powerful" scalable LLM yet.

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The Week in AI: OpenAI Enhances Fine Tuning, JetBrains Integrates Local AI Models, Replit Unveils Coding Assistant, More

This edition of our weekly roundup of AI product and services news includes OpenAI's enhancements to its fine-tuning API; Stability AI's release of Stable Audio 2.0: Cohere's launch of its latest large language model, Command R+; CodiumAI's new AI support for software developers; and more.

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OpenAI Unveils New Fine-Tuning API Features and Expands Custom Model Program for Enhanced AI Development

OpenAI announces new features that promise to give developers greater command over the customization of AI models.