Causal Reasoning Still a Challenge for AI, and the Key to Its Future

During his keynote at the GenAI Summit, Dr. Darko Matovski explores how AI could be augmented to reason more like humans by employing "causal reasoning," particularly in enterprise decision making.

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AI Agents Will Change the Internet

Venture capital exec Jeremiah Owyang from Blitzscaling Ventures talks about AI opportunities and offers advice for startups in a rapidly evolving market.

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Google Joins AI Land Grab with $2B Buildout in Malaysia

Cloud hyperscalers are on a mission to expand their datacenter footprints worldwide to support their AI efforts. This week, Google joined in.

GenAI Summit 2024 Kicks Off with a Call for Open-Source AGI

The GenAI Summit 2024 kicks off in San Francisco with a keynoter declaring that artificial general intelligence (AGI) belongs to the community as open-source technology.

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Tech Giants Agree To Kill AI Systems Posing 'Intolerable' Risk

OpenAI, Microsoft, Google and Anthropic are among 16 generative AI leaders that have agreed to pull the plug on their own AI technologies if they're deemed too dangerous.

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AI's Impact on Job Market: Higher Salaries for Some, Displacement for Others

So far, generative AI hasn't turned out to be the job-obliterating meteor that many tech pundits initially feared.

Microsoft Launches Copilot+ PCs, Designed for Advanced AI

Microsoft announces the release of its new line of AI-optimized Windows PCs, known as Copilot+ PCs. Redmond claims they are the fastest and most intelligent Windows PCs ever created.

The Week in AI: New Cohere LLM, Google GenAIOps, and Adobe AI, Averlon Out of Stealth, More

This edition of our weekly roundup of AI products and services includes a new version of Cohere's Aya family of multilingual LLMs, the new GenAI Ops service from Google Cloud, Adobe's new Generative Remove tool, Averlon's emergence from stealth, and more!

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AWS Commits $17B To Expanding Spain Infrastructure Amid AI Boom

Cloud hyperscaler Amazon Web Services plans to invest 15.7 billion euros -- nearly $17 billion -- over 10 years to make sure its Spain datacenter is up to AI snuff.

Microsoft Unveils Enhanced Capabilities for Copilot, Power Platform, at Build 2024

Microsoft announces a significant expansion of its Copilot suite at the Microsoft Build 2024 conference, along with generative AI-based enhancements of its Power Platform suite.

Microsoft Adds AI Compute Power to Azure via AMD, In-House Cobalt Chips

Microsoft is buttressing its Azure cloud platform with more compute options to support AI workloads.

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Microsoft Builds an AI Assistant for Startup Developers

Microsoft is helping resource-strapped startups build their own applications using AI.

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The Week in AI: Updates from Anthropic, IBM, Google Cloud, Juniper Networks, More

This edition of our weekly roundup of AI products and services includes Google's new accessibility enhancements and updates to Gemini and Gemma, Anthropic's new iOS app, enhancements to Juniper Networks' AI-native networking platform, Rockset's native support for hybrid search, and Anthropic launches Claude for iOS.