How Azure OpenAI Can Help Users Parse Unhelpful Error Messages

Organizations can use Azure OpenAI to find solutions to vague error messages, such as those that contain "GUIDS, seemingly random numbers, and vague text."

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Why is Early Adopter IBM not Leading the AI Race?

It was October 2020 when IBM famously announced a focus shift, splitting into two companies, one concentrating on hybrid cloud computing/artificial intelligence and one on managed infrastructure services.

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RSA's Most Innovative Startup: HiddenLayer AI App Security Provider

HiddenLayer, an AI application security provider, has been named "Most Innovative Startup" at the annual RSA security conference for its patent-pending solutions that monitor machine learning algorithms for adversarial ML attack techniques.

Executive Survey Finds Corporate Leaders Expect Gen AI to Have a Big Impact

The results of a newly published survey of corporate executives indicate widespread expectations in the C suite that generative AI will have an enormous impact on business, even though most are not yet ready to deploy it.

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Google Matches Microsoft's AI-Powered Security with New Offering

Google today announced its newest AI-based offering, Google Cloud Security AI Workbench, marking the company's entry into the AI-powered cybersecurity space.

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AI Pioneers Grapple with Mysteries of Hallucinating Machines and 'Emergent Abilities'

With advanced artificial intelligence technology reshaping the world in real-time, it can be disconcerting to acknowledge that even the creators of these systems lack a complete understanding of their inner workings.

AI in the Workplace: Americans Express Caution and Unease

A newly released report from the Pew Research Center delves into the perceptions of AI in the workplace, revealing a spectrum of opinions among respondents. In general, there is a sense of caution and uncertainty surrounding the utilization of AI for hiring and worker evaluation.

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Stability AI to Offer Image Generation

Stable AI, the company behind the popular Stable Fusion generative AI tool, is expanding into the image generation space.

Microsoft Developing AI Processor 'Athena'

Reportedly, Microsoft's aim is to avoid costs associated with using Nvidia's GPUs.

AWS Launches 'Bedrock' To Give Devs Access to AI Models

Amazon Web Services recently unveiled new tools for developers looking to build generative AI applications on the industry's most-used public cloud platform.

Stanford University's Latest Report Reveals Significant Increase in AI Misuse

The Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI) has released its 2023 AI Index Report, shedding light on a notable surge in the inappropriate application of AI technology, particularly in the realms of image and video deepfakes, as well as controversial facial recognition and surveillance initiatives.

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Microsoft Simplifies AI Image Generation in DALL-E 2

Microsoft simplifies the process of AI-driven image generation in DALL-E 2, allowing users to produce their own images within applications such as the "new Bing" search site and a preview version of Microsoft Designer.

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Advise for Devs Building Prompt Engineering Skills Proliferates

Demand for prompt engineering skills has truly soared, with companies offering big bucks to hire people with the ability to create text-based prompts or cues that can be interpreted and understood by large language models (LLMs).