AI Advances Propel Cloud Security Innovations

Advanced AI applications are revolutionizing enterprise operations, with cloud security emerging as a prime area for innovation.

Anthropic Launches Claude 3 AI Models

Anthropic on Monday took the wraps off its newest AI foundational model family, Claude 3, with availability via the Google Vertex AI platform.

The Week in AI: Microsoft's New Copilot, Google's LLM Comparator, StarCoder2 Debut, More

This edition of our weekly roundup of AI product and service announcements includes Microsoft's Copilot for Finance; Google's Comparator; Adobe's Music GenAI Control; Cohere's Copyright Assurance; Tenstorrent's partnership with the LSTC; and NVIDIA, Hugging Face, and ServiceNow's StarCoder2 news.

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OpenAI Gets Back Into Robots

Just over five years after training a robotic hand to solve a Rubik's Cube, generative AI juggernaut OpenAI is again setting its sights on humanoid robots.

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Meta Says It's Taking Steps To Preempt AI-Driven Election Abuse

With over 50 countries hitting the voting booths this year, the industry's biggest generative AI companies are paying close attention to how resilient their systems are against politically motivated misuse.

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IBM watsonx Expands with Addition of Mistral LLM

Big Blue's developer library of enterprise-grade LLMs has two new open source additions.

The 11 Principles of the AI Economy, According to Microsoft

Microsoft recently outlined its commitment to shaping an AI-driven economy using 11 "AI access principles."

Intel Reiterates Goal To Put Its Chips in 100M AI-Enabled PCs

Chip giant Intel has fired a shot across Nvidia's bow, promising its hardware will be the backbone of 100 million AI-enabled PCs by 2025.

Microsoft Partners with Mistral AI, Introduces Mistral Large on Azure

Microsoft teams up with cutting-edge French AI startup Mistral AI in a multi-year partnership aimed at advancing the development and deployment of next-gen LLMs). The collaboration marks a milestone on the road to bridging the gap between cutting-edge research and tangible, real-world AI applications, they said.

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Microsoft Takes Locks Off In-House AI Red Teaming Tool, PyRIT

Red teaming, the process by which an organization's IT security team attacks its own systems to assess their resilience, is burdensome, time consuming and imperfect. When it comes to red teaming generative AI systems, Microsoft has a solution for the first two.

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The Week in AI: Announcements from OpenAI, Microsoft, Intel, Google, NVIDIA, Stability AI, More

The Week in AI: New GPT Rating in OpenAI Store, Microsoft Picks Intel for its AI Chips, Google Apologizes for Gemini Stumble, NVIDIA Releases New App Beta, Stability AI Previews Stable Diffusion 3, More

Mistral Joins Amazon Bedrock's Roster of AI Foundation Models

Startup Mistral is extending access to its two open source large language models to developers using Amazon's prodigious cloud platform.

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Microsoft Spending Billions on Its European AI Footprint

In the past week, Microsoft has committed to spending an additional $5.5 billion over two years to build out its cloud and AI infrastructure in Europe.