The Week in AI: Google Bard Now Multilingual, Amazon Debuts Rufus, OpenAI Launches New Models, More

It's been another lively week in the AI space. This week's roundup of news and product announcements includes a Bard update, a new shopping assistant from Amazon, a Google Maps enhancement, and a promise from Apple.

Elon Musk's Neuralink Completes Its First Brain Implant

Neuralink implants a coin-sized wireless device during its first clinical trial of a brain-computer interface.

From Hugging Face to Chrome AI Updates, Google Floods the Zone

Google's "code red" is bearing fruit.

Last week in AI: Jan 22 - 28

We asked ChatGPT to create a list of "the Top 5 articles about generative AI published on the Web this past week." These were its picks:

Meta To Build Indiana Datacenter To Support AI Pivot

Meta Platforms is supporting its AI with a new $800 million data center in Indiana optimized to handle artificial intelligence services.

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NSF To Launch National AI Research Resource Pilot

The U.S. National Science Foundation launches the National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource (NAIRR) pilot, a first step towards democratizing "responsible AI discovery and innovation."

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OpenAI, Microsoft, Other AI Giants Under FTC Antitrust Probe

Five of the AI industry's most influential companies are under investigation by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to head off anti-competitive practices.

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AI Will Lead to Increase in Ransomware, UK Cybersecurity Experts Say

Cybersecurity experts warning about the upcoming increase in attack attempts and complexity as cybercriminals increase their use of available AI-powered tools.

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NVIDIA's ChatQA Model Reaches GPT-4 Level Accuracies, Researchers Say

NVIDIA researchers have unveiled a new conversational QA model they say matches GPT-4's accuracy.

The Multimodal AI Model Problem

Unless developers and governments adjust their practices around generative AI, large multimodal models may be adopted faster than they can be made safe for use.

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Last Week in AI: Jan 15-21

We asked ChatGPT to create a list of the Top 5 articles about generative AI published on the Web this past week.

Vodafone Partners with Microsoft to Boost Generative AI in Europe and Africa

Vodafone and Microsoft announce a 10-year strategic partnership focused on enhancing digital services for more than 300 million businesses, public sector organizations, and consumers throughout Europe and Africa.

Last week in AI: Jan. 9-16

We asked ChatGPT to create a list of "the Top 5 articles about generative AI published on the Web this past week."