Cisco Outlines AI Hooks in its Security Cloud

At its Cisco Live event in Melbourne last week, Cisco Systems unveiled ways in which it is using AI to strengthen and enhance its overall cybersecurity portfolio.

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Nvidia's Strategy to Foster AI Innovation: Throw Money at It

Chip giant Nvidia has just provided a cash infusion to France-based AI firm Mistral, helping push the startup to a $2 billion valuation, according to a recent Bloomberg report.


The Week in AI: Dec. 4-10

We asked ChatGPT to create a list of "the Top 5 articles about generative AI published on the Web this past week." These were its picks:

The Next Cloud Wars Are Being Fought at the AI Hardware Front

Cloud giants Microsoft, Amazon Web Services and Google have found a new battleground: AI chips.

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Google Enters Its 'Gemini' AI Era

The first version of the Gemini AI model is now ready for primetime.

Understanding the Ways Zero-Trust Security and AI Intersect

How can a zero-trust security approach protect IT systems in the age of AI? Industry watchers are counting the ways.

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Meta and IBM Lead Newly Formed AI Alliance

Over 50 members from industry, education and government sectors are now part of a new AI-focused alliance aimed at developing and promoting alternatives to closed AI systems.

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Microsoft Aims to Deliver 'Confidential AI' with Hardware Partners

Microsoft updates its ongoing efforts to deliver "confidential AI" to Azure customers through its hardware partnerships

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Amazon Unveils 'Q,' It's Answer to Copilot

Amazon introduces its generative AI tool, "Q," at the 2023 re:Invent conference, positioning it against Microsoft's Copilot.

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The Week in AI: Nov 27 - Dec 3

We asked ChatGPT to create a list of "the Top 5 articles about generative AI published on the Web this past week." These were its picks:

Microsoft Stirs Interest with Small, Fine-Tuned Orca-2 LLM

It proves small, fine-tuned LLMs can be created from larger ones without losing effectiveness and can be trained with synthetic data from other LLMs.

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AWS to Collaborate with Nvidia on Advanced Compute for AI

In a bid to keep pace with Microsoft, Amazon Web Services (AWS) revealed on Tuesday that it is entering into a collaborative venture with chip maker Nvidia, encompassing multiple aspects of artificial intelligence (AI).

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AWS Details Plan to Expand AI Education

Amazon Web Services responds to red-hot AI skills market with two-year AI training program called "AI Ready."