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AI-Fueled Datacenter Expansions Stymie Microsoft's Climate Efforts

Microsoft's expanding datacenter footprint, driven in part by the AI gold rush, has thrown a wrench into its sustainability plans.

AWS, Microsoft and Google Lead in Cloud AI Developer Tools

No surprise, cloud's "Big 3" -- Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and Google -- are the dominant players in the cloud-based AI developer services market.


Google Primes New Gemini Models, Spruces Up Vertex AI

The 2024 Google I/O event kicked off on Tuesday with, predictably, AI taking the lion's share of the spotlight.

OpenAI Releases New Iteration of GPT-4: 'GPT 4o'

OpenAI today announced a new iteration of its flagship GPT-4 large multimodal language model, which the company is calling "GPT 4o." (The "o" stands for "omni.") The new flagship model was designed, the company says, to "reason" across audio, vision, and text in real time.

The Week in AI: New Tools from Oracle, Red Hat, Pytorch, Google's DeepMind, More

This edition of our weekly roundup of AI products and services includes new features in Red Hat's OpenShift AI, Pytorch's new ExecuTorch Alpha release, a new version of AlphaFold from Google's DeepMind, SpiNNcloud, German neuromorphic supercomputing company SpiNNcloud Systems' release of SpiNNaker2, and product news from Oracle, Meta, and Protect AI.


A Blueprint for AI Behavior: OpenAI Gives Peek into ChatGPT Model Spec

OpenAI this week published an early draft of its Model Spec, essentially a schematic for how its AI models respond to user behaviors and the principles that guide the models' responses.

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AWS Debuts Bedrock Studio for 'Rapid AI Prototyping'

Amazon Web Services has released to public preview a "rapid prototyping environment" for developers looking to build generative AI applications.

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NVIDIA Advances AI-Driven Cybersecurity at RSA Conference

NVIDIA leads the charge at the annual RSA conference among cybersecurity professionals exploring new ways to harness generative AI to bolster their defenses against a growing wave of cyber threats.

From AI Resilience to Responsible AI: CSA Updates Its AI Security Guidance

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) this week released three detailed whitepapers providing updated best practices for successful AI deployments.

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OpenAI Tool Will Let Content Owners Opt Out of AI Training

In response to persistent concerns about what data is being used to train public LLMs, OpenAI is creating a tool that would let content owners control how or if their data can be used to train its AI models.

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A Panacea for AI Chip Bottlenecks? White House Puts Up $285M for Digital Twins R&D

The Biden White House on Monday announced a new research and development fund with the goal of making chip manufacturing more efficient and less resource-intensive using "digital twins" technology.

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Microsoft Adds AI Security Monitoring to 'Defender' Solution

During this week's RSA Conference, Microsoft described some steps it's taking to extend its security products to the developing AI frontier.

The Week in AI: New Tools from Oracle, Apple, NVIDIA, Snapchat, More

This edition of our weekly roundup of AI products and services includes the PyTorch introduction of ExecuTorch alpha, Oracle's latest Gen AI-enabled customer experience enhancements, Apple's OpenELM advanced language model, HubSpot's relaunched Content Hub, NVIDIA and MIT's new vision language model, OpsVerse's Aiden co-pilot, and new Snapchat AR and ML tools.