Researchers Offer 'A Taxonomy of Tactics' for Generative AI Misuse

A group of researchers from Google DeepMind, Jigsaw, and set out to clarify the potential risks of GenAI and provide "a concrete understanding of how GenAI models are specifically exploited or abused in practice, including the tactics employed to inflict harm," and they recently published their findings in a paper entitled, "Generative AI Misuse: A Taxonomy of Tactics and Insights from Real-World Data."

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Amazon Offers Free AI Tools to Public Sector Orgs in $50M Program

Amazon is giving public sector organizations a chance to tap into its portfolio of cloud-based AI tools with the launch of a new $50 million fund.

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Cloud AI Now in Its 'Disillusionment' Era

Developers and IT pros might be over the hype around cloud AI, not finding it matches reality.

The Week in AI: ElevenLabs Voice Isolator, Salesforce's INDICT, Oracle's HeatWave, More

This edition of our weekly roundup of AI products and services includes a new suite of pre-trained LLMS from Meta, the GA release of the Databricks Assistant, a novel framework for enhancing the safety and effectiveness of LLM-generated code from Salesforce, an AI-based tool designed to strip background noise for film, podcast, and interview post-production from ElevenLabs, and more!

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'Skeleton Key' Jailbreak Fools Top AIs into Ignoring Their Training

An AI security attack method called "Skeleton Key" has been shown to work on multiple popular AI models, including OpenAI's GPT, causing them to disregard their built-in safety guardrails.

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AGI Startup Adept Sheds Top-Level Execs in Amazon Hiring Binge

In a needed boost to its AI credentials, Amazon has poached multiple top executives from artificial general intelligence (AGI) startup Adept.

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The Week in AI: Meta LLM Compiler, Nvidia Nemotron-4 340B, DeepKeep's GenAI Risk Assessment Tool, More

This week's roundup of AI products and services includes, Nvidia's new family of open models for synthetic data generation, Meta's new Large Language Model Compiler, Datastax upgrade of its Langflow and RAGstack dev tools, and more!

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EU Regulators Eyeball Cloud Terms of OpenAI-Microsoft Deal

Big-ticket generative AI deals have been keeping antitrust watchdogs busy, not least among them the multibillion-dollar Microsoft-OpenAI partnership.

AI Agents Can Exploit Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities, Study Finds

In a groundbreaking study from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), researchers demonstrated that large language model agents can autonomously exploit real-world cybersecurity vulnerabilities, raising urgent questions about the widespread deployment and security of these advanced AI systems.

Nonprofit News Org Sues OpenAI, Microsoft for 'Exploitative' Copyright Infringement

The Center for Investigative Reporting is suing OpenAI and Microsoft, claiming that OpenAI used its content without permission or compensation, infringing on the organization's copyrights.

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Generative AI Susceptible to 'Jailbreaks,' Microsoft Warns

Your AI mitigations need mitigations of their own, Microsoft indicated in a detailed blog post this month describing the anatomy of AI "jailbreaks."

Nvidia- and AWS-Backed Bioresearch Startup Launches 'ESM3' Model

EvolutionaryScale, a startup backed by Nvidia and Amazon Web Services (AWS), this week launched a new version of an AI model for protein design.

Oracle's Clinical AI Transforms Interactions Between Practitioners and Patients

Oracle's new digital assistant combines generative AI with clinical automation to provide conversation-based note generation and proposed clinical follow-ups directly at the point of care.