Machine Learning Engineer Named Best Job of 2019, Avg. Salary $146K

According to job site, "machine learning engineer" is the best job of 2019, with a growth of 344 percent over the last year and an average base salary of $146,085.

The title was No. 4 on the list last year. The survey notes that these positions often require master's degrees as well as additional training.

According to a previous survey of "jobs involving AI skills," 40.8 percent of job listings asking for machine learning engineers are open after 60 days, indicating a high demand for these candidates. Other AI-related positions with longer fill times include computer vision engineer (with 45.2 percent of jobs listings still open after 60 days) and algorithm engineer (46.4 percent).

The average salary of $146,085 was taken from job listings that included salary. Further breakdown by location and other factors such as experience was not given.

Following machine learning engineer, named insurance broker (No. 2), full-stack developer (No. 3), insurance adviser (No. 4) and litigation attorney (No. 5) as the best jobs within the United States.

Salesforce developer made the list at No. 10, robotics engineer at No. 11 and Agile coach at No. 18, with data scientist at No. 22.

You can view the entire list here.

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