New Company Launches Machine Learning Debug and Visualization Platform for Enterprise Devs

This week San Francisco, Calif.-based Weights & Biases announced its launch as a company, along with a flagship platform which it describes as "the first enterprise AI platform to help teams visualize and debug machine learning models."

The solution is designed to help devs in several key areas, including hyperparameter tuning, performance visualization and configuration management.

"We have worked extensively with companies to turn machine learning research projects into scalable, real-world deployments," commented Co-Founder Lukas Biewald in a prepared statement announcing the launch. "We've watched hundreds of teams struggle to deploy machine learning models successfully, and the same problems show up repeatedly.

"Machine learning has created a fundamentally new kind of programming, requiring a fundamentally new set of developer tools," he continued. "We created Weights & Biases to provide that missing toolkit."

The platform works with "all machine learning frameworks," according to the company Web site, but Weights & Biases offers custom integrations for TensorFlow, Keras and PyTorch. The platform is free for unlimited public projects.

Interested devs can sign up to try the software and see sample projects here.

Weights & Biases is founded by former Figure Eight (previously known as CrowdFlower) co-founders and AI aficionados Lukas Biewald and Chris Van Pelt, and former Google Engineering lead and Y Combinator alum Shawn Lewis. According to its launch announcement it received $5 million in a Series A investment round co-led by Trinity Ventures and Bloomberg Beta. 

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