Handling the Challenges of Unstructured Data, The Unsung Hero of Machine Learning

Join us to learn how to extract value from your team's unstructured data, the differences in the ML tech stack between handling unstructured vs structured data and what tools your team can take advantage of today. Learn more.

Date: 12/07/2021

Time: 11:00 am

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Employing ML to find signs of life in our solar system

Is there life on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn? The ML team at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) is building a model to identify life-like motion for a future trip to one of them.

What Powers AI Breakthroughs

Labelbox has seen how more than 200 organizations label, manage, and improve their training data. We found patterns and commonalities amongst the most successful AI organizations. Learn how the best are pursuing data annotation and optimization to more effectively fuel their big ideas.

Building a better AI data engine

AI practitioners regularly face a few common challenges: too much time spent building and maintaining tools and infrastructure, siloed AI development efforts, and fragmented processes to evaluate quality. We believe that designing a workflow that optimizes for automation and iteration can lead to more accurate data models, faster implementation and up to 70% cost savings.

Data Aggregation is Unavoidable! (And Other Big Data Lies)

Data has outgrown the legacy technologies developed to manage and act on it. Watch this webinar to learn a new way to think about your data and hear real-world success stories of organizations that enable true real-time analytics by negating the need for pre-aggregation.

Better Machine Vision with Better Data

Manufacturers are consistently challenged with automated visual inspection projects at multiple stages from POC, deployment and maintaining in production. We discuss the common problems in each phase and how you can overcome them.

Automating DataOps at Scale; How to Scale Data Preparation for ML Development

Join the team at Pachyderm and Superb AI as they cover how MLOps and DataOps teams will need to operationalize their data to better meet the needs of their end-users as data becomes difficult. Learn more.

How to get the most out of your labeling operations

Whether you’re just starting a new ML project or are looking to take your labeling operations to the next level of maturity, it’s crucial to understand what metrics are most important for your objectives. Apply best practices from manufacturing and software development to reduce cost, increase quality, and get to production faster.

Fighting Back Against Siloed, Out-Of-Date, and Duplicated Customer Data

Hear how solution provider Xiatech is using the Couchbase Data Platform to power its Single Data View ecosystem for enterprise clients like FitFlop. You’ll learn how Xiatech clients are able to create consistent and personalized customer experiences while achieving a real-time, integrated single view of their business. Learn more.

Why the Future of App Dev Is AI and Machine Learning

In this Webinar, hear from experts on what’s coming down the pipeline and the skills you’ll need to succeed.