Revolutionizing Business: Application Modernization and Generative AI in Action

Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and learn how your organization can thrive in the era of cloud modernization leveraging the power of AI.

Date: 06/13/2024

Time: 11:00 am

Coffee Talk | AI-ready Datacenter Network Strategies

Learn how to make AI/ML work for your datacenter network operations in our free 30-minute Coffee Talk. Get expert insights into latest trends and best practices for building AI-ready networks today to maximize the value of AI applications tomorrow.

Date: 06/18/2024

Time: 11:00 AM

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The Intersection of Data Center AI and Sustainability

The data centers of tomorrow start at the intersection of AI and sustainability today – data center designs that embrace the needs of AI and incorporate the must-haves of sustainability for tomorrow. Learn more!

AI vs. Security Summit

Join this free three-hour summit to learn straight from the experts how to modernize your security posture with AI to meet up-and-coming threats to your data.

Data Security & AI Summit: How To Master the Privacy Balancing Act

Join this free, two-hour virtual summit will explore the ins and outs of data security in the AI era, including best practices that are shaping the future of business. Don’t fall behind – register today!

Unveiling the Hidden Costs of Microsoft Copilot

In this information-packed Tech Talk, enterprise software support experts Mike Jones and Josh Arras talk with veteran technology journalist John K. Waters about the critical aspects of Microsoft Copilot, offering a comprehensive examination of its pricing structures, versions, and the unseen costs businesses might incur.

From Fragmentation to Innovation: Simplify and Scale Enterprise Data Collection and Management

Stop delaying your transformation initiatives and learn how easy it can be to consolidate, analyze and implement AI with the myriad of OT data you have from multiple disparate sources — and make a real impact on your organization’s bottom line. Register now to learn more.

Maximizing ROI: AI-Powered IT Documentation Strategies for Microsoft Environments

In this Tech Talk, Anna Perelyhina, Director of Product at IT Glue, talks with veteran technology journalist John K. Waters about the complexities of information sprawl and its implications for IT efficiency, security, and decision-making. They explore the tangible benefits of leveraging AI in IT documentation for efficiency gains and boosting overall productivity.

Tech Talk: Embracing Generative AI in Security Operations: Improving Efficiency and Consistency

In this live Tech Talk, cybersecurity expert and Senior Director of Detection Enablement at Red Canary, Jimmy Astle, talks to veteran technology journalist John K. Waters about the pros and cons of GenAI security and risk management. Join us!

Exploring the power of generative AI in cloud observability

Join us for our live webcast on generative AI, featuring Zack Kass, former Head of GTM for OpenAI. Zack will provide an overview of the landscape of AI innovation, followed by a discussion with Dynatrace and Microsoft on the intersection of AI, cloud and observability.

Copilot for Microsoft 365: Key Readiness Strategies, Best Practices & Beyond

You’ll explore everything from architecture and data flow to best practices for rollout, use cases across your everyday apps and much more.

Copilot for Microsoft 365: Key Readiness Strategies, Best Practices & Beyond

Get a detailed walk-through with plenty of visuals for Copilot for Microsoft 365 in this on-demand webcast featuring Insight’s Copilot product manager. You’ll explore everything from architecture and data flow to best practices for rollout, use cases across your everyday apps and much more.

4 new ways to intelligently transform ITOps using AIOps-driven automation

Most enterprise ITOps organizations desire a state of self-healing systems capable of identifying and resolving issues without human intervention. While the allure of eliminating known, repeatable incident response workflows offers immense promise, these initiatives often fail to get off the ground. Learn how IT operations can jumpstart automation programs that tie together BigPanda Incident Intelligence with Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform – so you can go from knowledge to automated response.

Accelerate Infor ERP ( Infor M3, LN & CSD) Releases with Marlabs’ Testing as a Services (TaaS) model

In the era of Agile, DevOps and Cloud, Infor aims to release more features and out-of-box functionalities to accelerate digital adoption and its ROI. While Agile & DevOps takes care of releasing more functionalities to the business users quickly, focus on quality goes high and that can best be ensured by continuous testing with highly productive automation techniques such as scriptless automation. Our solution is developed in line with Infor’s micro-vertical specific 700+ functional test cases and aligned with Infor’s rapid deployment & adoption framework (IDM) for Infor M3, LN and CSD. Marlabs’ TaaS helps in :

Simplifying and Modernizing Digital Transformation for Distributors

Join us at our upcoming webinar on the 23rd of June, 2022 with industry expertise from Infor, as we explore emerging trends in the distribution and building materials industry and how distributors can create new value through digitization. Learn more!

Handling the Challenges of Unstructured Data, The Unsung Hero of Machine Learning

Join us to learn how to extract value from your team's unstructured data, the differences in the ML tech stack between handling unstructured vs structured data and what tools your team can take advantage of today. Learn more.

Automating DataOps at Scale; How to Scale Data Preparation for ML Development

Join the team at Pachyderm and Superb AI as they cover how MLOps and DataOps teams will need to operationalize their data to better meet the needs of their end-users as data becomes difficult. Learn more.

How to get the most out of your labeling operations

Whether you’re just starting a new ML project or are looking to take your labeling operations to the next level of maturity, it’s crucial to understand what metrics are most important for your objectives. Apply best practices from manufacturing and software development to reduce cost, increase quality, and get to production faster.

Fighting Back Against Siloed, Out-Of-Date, and Duplicated Customer Data

Hear how solution provider Xiatech is using the Couchbase Data Platform to power its Single Data View ecosystem for enterprise clients like FitFlop. You’ll learn how Xiatech clients are able to create consistent and personalized customer experiences while achieving a real-time, integrated single view of their business. Learn more.

Why the Future of App Dev Is AI and Machine Learning

In this Webinar, hear from experts on what’s coming down the pipeline and the skills you’ll need to succeed.