SAP Announces Generative-AI Copilot and AI Governance

SAP announced data and analytics solutions during a virtual company event last week, including a new copilot named "Joule."

"SAP's generative-AI assistant, the Joule copilot, is now coming to the SAP Analytics Cloud solution to automate the creation and development of reports, dashboards, plans and more," the company announced during its SAP Data Unleashed event. "This automation is enabled by the SAP HANA Cloud vector engine capabilities, which combine the power of large language models with the relevant data of your organization -- helping ensure business context is a constant for generative-AI outputs." 

Another SAP cloud solution, SAP Datasphere, was updated with a new knowledge graph. Datasphere is described as a next-generation offshoot of the company's SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, with new capabilities that enhance data discovery, modeling and distribution. Knowledge graphs, meanwhile, can provide better context to large language models (LLMs) used to power advanced generative AI systems and prevent AI-generated "hallucinations," the company said.

"SAP Datasphere knowledge graph will enable organizations to better represent their real-world use of data, leading to more effectively leveraging it for generative AI and better reasoning," the company said in a separate post. "As data is onboarded, transformed, and integrated in SAP Datasphere, SAP Datasphere knowledge graph automatically creates an ontology representing the relationships in the data, including the inherent business context from SAP application sources like SAP S/4HANA. This is then available to be extended and augmented via an ontology editor to reflect specific attributes within an organization. Finally, the data in SAP Datasphere is automatically applied to this ontology to create a knowledge graph that allows the data to be processed as a semantic web of relationships, drawing new insights from connections that are otherwise difficult to follow." 

SAP also announced a vector engine for its SAP HANA Cloud that provides the ability to store and compare vectors using SQL, along with simplified consumption of data products in SAP Datasphere and enhancements to SAP Datasphere semantic onboarding, or importing semantically rich objects from SAP S/4HANA and SAP BW/4HANA into Datasphere.  

Other news includes a partnership with Collibra for AI governance integration, said to enable "end-to-end data governance" and deliver "trusted data to all users across the business data fabric."  

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David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.