Survey Says: A Majority of Mobile App Developers Are Using Generative AI

A recent study by Kobiton, a leader in mobile testing, has highlighted a surge in the adoption of AI in mobile app development and testing, driven by its potential to enhance productivity. Despite this enthusiasm, concerns persist over the impact on software quality and career prospects for developers and testers.

The study ("State of Mobile App Delivery, Test Automation, and AI 2024"), based on a survey conducted in October, found that frequent mobile app updates — a response to user demands for new features and bug fixes — are being delayed, incurring significant costs to companies. About 75% of respondents indicated that slow release cycles cost their companies a minimum of $100,000 annually, with 13% estimating losses between $1 million and $10 million.

Kobiton's survey, which gathered insights from 100 developers and testers involved in mobile app development across various industries, also revealed that these delays are attributed to budget constraints, inefficient processes, and a shortage of skilled professionals. These factors are negatively impacting customer satisfaction and revenue opportunities and are contributing to an increase in developer turnover.

With AI-driven test automation, 60% of respondents are currently using generative AI tools to enhance their QA cycles. The promise of AI is recognized, with half of the participants believing that AI can eventually replace manual testing. However, there's also apprehension, as some fear potential declines in software quality and negative impacts on careers.

"Witnessing firsthand the transformative power of AI tools in the realm of mobile app development and testing for our customers has been a remarkable journey," said Kobiton CTO Frank Moyer, in a statement. "By enhancing productivity, reducing costs, and enabling professionals to focus on more strategic tasks, AI is fundamentally reshaping the industry's landscape. As these tools continue to evolve, I anticipate a profound and accelerated embrace of AI-driven methodologies."


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