AI Powering Next Gen Test Automation

Test automation technology has evolved from script-based to model-based, and is now moving towards approaches powered by artificial intelligence (AI). That's the pitch from enterprise testing solutions provider Tricentis, which unveiled new AI-based core tech, called Vision AI, that will power version 14 of its Tosca continuous testing platform.

Vision AI is a test design and automation solution designed to address new demands on organizations caused by the increasing prevalence of cloud-native and enterprise application platforms, the company said. With Vision AI at its core, Tosca will be able to recognize and identify visual user interface elements and controls across any form factor, automatically, much as humans do, to aid in the automated generation of robust test cases.

This new approach will enable agile and DevOps teams to build automated test cases much earlier in the development process, the company says, starting with only a mockup or a low-fidelity prototype, the company says. Using self-healing capabilities to adapt tests as applications change from sprint to sprint removes bottlenecks and delivers software innovation faster; for the first time, test-driven development can now be achieved end-to-end at the business process level.

Tosca 14 delivers on a comprehensive strategy to embed AI capabilities across the company's product portfolio to "take the pain out of test design, execution, and maintenance for testers." The AI-powered version of Tosca also improves the business value of enterprise and cloud-native applications, the company said, by taking the risk, time and expense out of the delivery process.

This product strategy focuses primarily on three technology areas:

  • Vision AI, included with Tosca 14, which can be trained on any unique and complex controls by a business user.
  • Risk AI, delivered by the company's LiveCompare solution, which detects the most at-risk objects and selects the right set of tests to minimize the business and technical impact of code changes.
  • Self-healing AI, part of Tosca 14 that adapts test cases and adjusts test plans as applications evolve with each iteration.

"Tricentis has been at the forefront of the testing evolution and is now ushering in the next era of test automation powered by artificial intelligence," said Tricentis CEO Sandeep Johri, in a statement. "The introduction of Tricentis' next generation AI technology will allow organizations to deliver innovation faster and at lower costs, while also rapidly modernizing and transforming their application landscape to bring more value to the business."

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