Partnership Enhances Human Behavior Analytics for Self-Driving Cars

Humanising Autonomy, a UK-based provider of predictive artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, and Ambarella, a Santa Clara, CA-based developer of low-power, high-definition (HD) and Ultra HD video compression and image processing solutions, are working together to deliver cutting edge perception and human behavior analytics for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), autonomous vehicles (AVs), and consumer dash cameras, the two companies announced.

By integrating Humanising Autonomy's HAxEdge intent prediction engine and Ambarella's CVflow chip range, the two companies enable advanced vulnerable road user (VRU) perception in a range of automotive cameras.

Humanising Autonomy's HAxEdge product is an intent prediction engine that extracts observable and inferable behaviors from video data to predict the full range of human actions. Ambarella's chip architecture is based on a deep understanding of core computer vision algorithms, and it includes CVflow, a dedicated vision processing engine programmed with a high-level algorithm description, which allows Ambarella's architecture to scale performance to trillions of operations per second with extremely low power consumption.

The jointly developed solution, now available, combines Ambarella's understanding of core computer vision algorithms with Humanising Autonomy's specialized knowledge of human intent prediction into an automotive-grade, ASIL B-rated camera. Device manufacturers and automakers can improve safety functionality of ADAS and AV systems with the HAxEdge optimized on the CVflow range of SoCs (software on a chip). The low-power, modular solution can be deployed for a variety of use cases, the two companies say, including real-time intent prediction for forward collision warning, blind spot detection, automated emergency braking and adapted cruise control functionality. 

"Ambarella and Humanising Autonomy are aligned in our missions to provide precise, accurate perception in all environments," said Humanising Autonomy CEO Maya Pindeus, in a statement. "Combined with the power of the CVflow chip, the HAxEdge will empower OEM, Tier 1 and device suppliers to improve safety for the driver and pedestrian alike."

Ambarella makes advanced driver assistance systems, smart electronic mirrors, drive recorders, autonomous vehicles, among other products for the ADAS market. Humanising Autonomy specializes in "critical perception technology" to provide real-time accident and near miss prevention, improving the safety and efficiency of urban mobility systems across cities worldwide.

"This collaboration gives dash cam and automotive manufacturers easy access to leading-edge perception and human behavior analytics optimized on a single, low-power AI vision processor for a broad range of applications and with fast time-to-market," said Ambarella's VP of marketing and business development, Chris Day, in a statement.


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