News Releases Enhanced Version of its Natural Language API, provider of an artificial intelligence (AI) platform for language understanding, is planning to unveil an enhanced version of its cloud-based Natural Language (NL) API today at the API World virtual conference and expo.

The free NL API was designed to provide users with instant access to the company's technology, which mimics the human ability to read and understand language. The API enables users to either extract rich and accurate information from a document using an API interface or add Natural Language Processing (NLP) functionality to other processes or tools. "This platform makes our rich NL technology more available to data scientists, software engineers, and computational linguists across a wide range of industries and use cases,"  the company says. is a leading AI platform for language understanding. It employs a hybrid approach to NL that combines symbolic human-like comprehension and machine learning (ML) to transform language-intensive processes into practical knowledge. The core aim of the platform is to provide the insight required to improve decision making throughout organizations.

The list of features in the new NL API includes:

  • Relation extraction to express the connection and accurately answer questions such as: "who did what when?" and "what caused what to whom?"
  • Sentiment analysis that considers the intrinsic positivity or negativity of the concepts expressed in text, based on the words used (polarity) and how relevant they are judged to be (intensity).
  • A new geographic taxonomy to identify and disambiguate countries and some other administrative divisions (e.g., San Jose, CA, USA vs. San Jose, Costa Rica).

The company is planning to demonstrate the enhanced API during a conference workshop entitled "Making Your Enterprise Search Intelligent in 50 Minutes," lead by Andrea Belli, head of R&D, expert,ai. Belli is set to provide attendees with an in-depth demo of each feature, showing how powerful NLP can be, the company says.

"The quality and granularity of metadata extracted, as well as the richness and the depth of data returned by the NL API, can significantly enhance user experience, said Belli, in a statement. "In our workshop, we'll integrate the NL API with a main enterprise search engine to practically demonstrate new ways to access information… in a matter of minutes, not months." offers on-premise, private, and public cloud solutions designed to augment business operations, accelerate and scales data science capabilities. and simplify AI adoption across a range of industries, from insurance to oil and gas.

API World, underway online this week, is focused on the new API economy and the newest breakthroughs in AI developer technologies.


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