SAS Updates AI Analytics Platform with New ML Functionality on IBM Chip

November updates to SAS data analytics and visualization platform will provide AI and ML technology that can be used by data scientists, executives and business users, the Cary, N.C.-based SAS Institute Inc., announced this week.

The updates to the SAS Viya product running on its platform are designed to provide new functionality for data management that can be used to automate manual and complex steps involved in data transformation and building of machine learning (ML) models, the company said.

The automated modeling method uses a REST API, which will help developers create business applications, according to the announcement. The ML features are also capable of providing recommendations for data transformations.

To show how the updated platform can work in a business application, SAS offered an example from Admiral, a UK-based insurance company, which is deploying the technology in fraud detection portals.

"We used an insurance fraud analytical engine from SAS to apply multiple techniques – including automated business rules, machine learning, artificial intelligence, text mining, database searches, anomaly detection and network-link analysis – to automatically score claims, associated entities and any corresponding social networks," explained Sarah Lang, Head of Business Analytics at Admiral, in the SAS press release. "This process has allowed us to build a strong relationship between analytics and claims fraud. A continuous feedback loop ensures we continue to update the process, identifying fraud in more cases in a faster way, whilst improving our customers' experience."

SAS, which has a 40-year collaborative relationship with IBM, said the November release will run on Big Blue’s POWER9 chip, providing acceleration graphic processing for ML, deep learning, and AI training and inferencing.