IBM Announces Data Prep Tool for Machine Learning Projects

IBM last week announced the a new product, InfoSphere Advanced Data Preparation, that promises to help enterprises transform "raw" datasets into useful information that can be used for machine learning and other data projects.

According to IBM, the solution -- developed in partnership with data ops preparation provider Trifacta -- works to fix the structure, formatting and "enrichment" of the data, and provides visual dashboards for tracking the data transformation process.

The output comes in standard format and can then be integrated into enterprises existing repositories, including data lakes, and used by whatever business intelligence and analytics solutions the enterprise already has in place.

"The new InfoSphere solution adds to our growing stable of dataops services and capabilities that are designed to help organizations automate much of the cumbersome preparation work and get to the business of conducting data science and building AI models fast," said Daniel G. Hernandez, vice president, IBM Data and AI.

"Organizations across the board are looking to leverage data for strategic decision making. At the same time, we've seen analytics, machine learning and AI initiatives throttled by poor data quality, inefficient data preparation processes, and a lack of governance," said Adam Wilson, CEO, Trifacta. "We're excited to bring Trifacta's self-service approach to data preparation to an innovative platform like IBM InfoSphere and Watson to empower a broad base of business users in IBM's ecosystem."

A release date for InfoSphere Advanced Data Preparation has not been announced.

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