Deep Learning Among New Tech Poised for Real-World Adoption, Developer Report Says

A new developer skills report from recruiting specialist HackerRank asked respondents about new technologies most likely to be adopted soon in the real world, with deep learning placing high on that list.

Deep learning was just behind Internet of Things (IoT) on the list of "most realistic new tech" in the just-published 2019 HackerRank Developer Skills Report.

While the report touched on many aspects developer skills, the company also asked respondents to grade the new-tech offerings as: overhyped, unrealistic, unsure, somewhat realistic and very realistic.

The Real World Application of Technologies by 2020
[Click on image for larger view.] The Real World Application of Technologies by 2020 (source: HackerRank)

"Internet of Things (53 percent), just above Deep Learning (50 percent), is predicted to be the most adopted new technology in the next two years," the report stated.

"Application of Deep Learning is expanding from mobile speech recognition software to places like the healthcare sector and automotive industry, which could explain why developers consider it a realistic technology."

Other young technologies didn't fare so well.

HackerRank said: "On the other end of the spectrum, with a fluctuating cryptocurrency market but also the support of many of the biggest companies in the world, blockchain is an unpredictable technology. ~20 percent of developers said the real-world application of blockchain in the next two years is overhyped."

It's probably no surprise that deep learning was identified as a promising new technology heading for immediate real-world adoption, as artificial intelligence in its many variants scores well in many industry studies, such as:

"As IoT and Deep Learning continue gaining momentum, it's clear that picking up the skills needed to work on these technologies will be valuable for developers," HackerRank concluded.

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