Electric Cloud Releases AI Analytics Add-On for Its Continuous Delivery Solution

Late last month San Jose, Calif.-based Electric Cloud announced DevOps Foresight, a new deep learning-based predictive analytics solution for its release automation product, ElectricFlow.

According to the company, DevOps Foresight uses pattern recognition, detailed release risk scores and code risk provenance on customer's current and historical data to make releases go smoother, removing risk and improving the overall process.

"ElectricFlow DevOps Foresight provides DevOps teams with the necessary steps to eliminate further sources of 'release anxiety' by having clearer insight into existing development practices and release patterns," the company said in its official announcement of the product.

"Now, bottlenecks and inefficiencies throughout the software delivery process are easier to find and correct," it continued. "The ability to understand resource allocation for new and complex application and environment requirements also helps ensure the best path toward successful software releases."

"What we aim to do with ElectricFlow DevOps Foresight is provide data-driven insights much earlier in the process by looking at past successes, build complexity, author profiles and more, and then show where the pipeline can be improved based on facts," commented Carmine Napolitano, CEO of Electric Cloud, in a prepared statement."I'm proud to say the team at Electric Cloud has built a tool that can save our customers hundreds of hours of work and relieve unnecessary release anxiety for each and every product they deliver."

More information on the release can be found here.

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