MLOps Provider's Teams Edition Gets ML Apps into Production Faster

Algorithmia, a Seattle-based machine learning operations (MLOps) platform provider, has launched a new Teams edition of its platform. The Teams Edition was designed for small groups within organizations that need to work collaboratively and want the bells and whistles of an enterprise-grade MLOps management platform, along with the cost flexibility of a cloud-based service.

"We built Algorithmia Teams to fill the ML infrastructure gap," the company explained in a blog post. "With Teams you get a private workspace on Algorithmia's cloud hosted MLOps platform. It unlocks the ability for data science teams to control their own destiny, by putting their ML models into production and integrating into applications without jeopardizing company policies or needing additional operational resources. Teams is a solution for the fast moving DS team to manage the cost, quality, and performance of ML in production."

The company's flagship MLOps platform was designed to allow data scientists and ML engineers to automate the DevOps, management, and deployment of AI/ML models in the language they choose. It enables users to connect data sources, orchestration engines, and step functions, and deploy models from major frameworks, languages, platforms, and tools.

The new version of that platform is a cloud-based solution that gives fast-moving data science groups in large and midsize businesses the collaboration tools and cost flexibility they have come to need. All the components of AI/ML application development (algorithms, data, API keys, etc.) can be shared in Teams among members, so groups can work more quickly.

"Teams Edition is perfect for high-performing teams that want to get ML-based applications up-and-running quickly, while maintaining the flexibility to use our platform more extensively if it suits their needs," the company's CEO, Diego Oppenheimer, said in a statement. "From a timing and value perspective, it's the best of both worlds for companies that are serious about deploying ML applications."

Algorithmia Teams is available in two version: Basic and Professional. The Basic version is available for no monthly fee on a pay by CPU/GPU consumption basis. The Professional version costs $299/month, plus pay-as-you-go for CPU/GPU consumption, and includes advanced support and a dedicated Slack channel. Pro version users can also purchase a custom language pack or data connector development. Both versions of Teams include private, secure workspaces for team members to collaborate, and connectors to popular external cloud data sources, such as AWS, Azure, and GCP. Users can sign-up and get started on their own, and Algorithmia will manage and maintain the infrastructure.

More information is available on the Altgorithmia website.

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